Aerospace – Aircraft Industry

Merger provides large size, high quality, high strength, good surface quality and corrosion resistance products in the field of building materials. Specific solutions can be customized, and requirements of environmental protection can be met at the same time.

Aerospace & Aircraft Industry Key feature

  • Large size
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Less maintenance requirements
  • Easy coating
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Recyclable

Product Details

  • Grade: 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx
  • Thickness: max.250 mm
  • Width: max.3300 mm
  • Length: max.38000 mm

What we can do

  • Large-scale product specification
  • The ultrasonic testing of AAA level can be achieved
  • Remove residual stress by the tensile
  • Provide technical support
  • Continuous improvement of products and technology
  • Global sales network
  • No limit for order quantity and deliver

We also can focus on research of the following two aspects

  1. Optimization to the original alloys:
    1. Improving purity of alloy, reducing impurity content
    2. b). adding trace element, narrowing scope of alloy composition
    3. Perfecting and improving manufacturing technique
  2. Develop special performance alloy: for some special requirement, e.g.: temperature, environment, technology, etc..
120240Fuselage Structure, Wing Tensile Component, Shear Web, Stiff Structure SectionH112H321H321H116H112T651
22014T851   T351Fuselage Machining Component, Wing Skins and Other Structure Component for High Performance Military Aircraft
32324T39Lower Wing Skins and Wing Box Component for Commercial Aircraft
47050T7651 – T7451Fuselage Ring, Frame
57150T6451 – T7751Upper Wing Skins for Large Commercial Airplane Which Requires Resistant to High Pressure, Upper Wing Reinforce Plate and Lower Horizontal Stabilizer Panel for Civil and Military Aircraft
67055T7751Upper Wing Structure, Horizontal Stabilizer, Keel Beam, Seat Track, Freight Slide Track
77075T651, T7651, 0, T7351Airplane Structure Component Required High Strength Moderate Toughness and Moderate Corrosion Resistance
87475T651, T7351Fuselage Skin, Wing Skin, Wing Spar, Fuselage Bulkhead