Merger Global A.S. supplies heavy gauge, extra-wide, corrugated roofing, siding and decking materials for use in industrial and commercial buildings. Corrugated sheets can be offered as Aluminium and Steel, prepainted or natural, in the required length depending on the volume.

Roof Panels
Deck Panels

The metal sheet can apply industrial and civil buildingwarehousespecial constructionlarge span steel structure house roofinterior and exterior decoration of the wall. Corrugated steel sheet has light weight, high strength, rich in colours, quick and easy construction, anti-earthquake, anti-fire and anti-rain, long life, maintenance free and other characteristics.

Composite Deck Panels, eliminate the mould cost and minimize the concrete consumption in the constructions. Due to the profile section and the composite structure after the installation; they have superior adherence and high load carriage.