dualCOMB / Honeycomb Panel

Dualcomb / Honeycomb Panel
Dualcomb / Honeycomb Panel

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is bonded with aluminium face material and with a core in aluminium honeycomb. It offers high mechanical properties and good fire performances. In particular ALU-ALU-FR is awarded with MED certification can be applied in shipbuilding and railway sector. The face material can be painted in different RAL colours. The aluminium faces (skins) are available in different thicknesses and coatings, anodised or with primer.

Aluminium Skins on Both Side

Thickness in mm: 0,5 – 0,8 – 1,0 mm

Core in Aluminium Honeycomb

Alloyseries 3XXX & 5XXX

Foilthickness: from 50 to 70 microns

  • Panel width: 1250 & 1500 mm
  • Panel length: upto 5000 mm
  • Panel thickness: 6 to 19 mm

Area of Use

Architecture, Marine, Aviation, Rail Industry, Display, Clean rooms