Steni / Acrylic Composite Panel

Steni / Acrylic Composite Panel

Facade Panels

With Steni façade panels, you can choose the colour, expression, shape and surface texture to give building a personal style – whether it is a new building or a renovation project. When you choose Steni, you get an environmentally friendly, high-quality product with a 60-year functional warranty.

Colors That Add Energy and Meaning

This was done with twelve separate RAL colors of Steni Color on the colorful and distinctive facade of the kindergarten. The shape of the facade consists of three different colored zones, and each of them has an entrance and an anteroom section of the same color.

The colors in the mosaic also have an educational side. Children see and learn that colors can have many different shades.

The game of color blocks on the facade also distributes the scale of this two-story building. Each color element is 1,200 x 600 mm in size with a child’s height and length during their time in kindergarten, they pass the first row and reach the second row.


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