LANDSCAPE – Transparent Passageways Between Green and Urban

2019 Horticultural Expo in Beijing, China, will host the Chinese studio Penda to fill the 30,000 m2 pavilion site. Penda’s botanical pavilion proposal for the site is titled “A Thousand Yards”.


Designed as a fully modular structure, the project is located between the city and a forested area. This threshold is represented by the open structure of the design.


The design team has built a labyrinthine circulation in the area with a series of routes. The first floors of the structures allow visitors to pass through and join in different activities.


Designed with wood material, the grid design structure creates attractive spaces to experiment the scale, elevation, sunlight and shadow, green patterns and colors. Also, the diversity of connection typologies between the structures causes to gain a dynamic direction.


Another feature of the 2019’s pavilion is inviting visitors to attend the pavilion as a designer. Each guest is given a bag of seeds at the entering of the area. With these seeds, people can gain an opportunity for planting the seeds on gardens.

Penda-5 Copy

Rooftops and other various levels’ gardens are waiting for their “gardener”. After the plants have grown to maturity, the staff will harvest and use them at the restaurant.


Project Name: A Thousand Yards
Project Type: Pavilion, Exhibition
Project Team: Penda
Project Year: 2016/2017
Project Size: 37,000 m2