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Aluminium alloy is a material which is extensively applied to evaporator of air conditioner because of its character of light weight, high intensity, corrosion resistance and good temperature conductivity. 3xxx series is the most extensively applied to evaporator field.

If we use traditional technology to produce evaporator of air conditioner, the efficiency is low and hard to guarantee the quality. For improving the processing technique and welding property of the evaporator of air conditioner’s material, we normally use composite aluminum alloy, (e.g.: use 3xxx aluminium alloy as core material and cover 4xxx aluminium alloy on both outsides) to increase the production efficiency vastly.

Power &Amp; Electronics Industry
Power &Amp; Electronics Industry

Typical Product and Specification


We can provide the first-class heat transfer material basing on customer’s requirement and achieve heat treatment requirement.

Power &Amp; Electronics Industry
 Power &Amp; Electronics Industry

Main Application

  • Radiator
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Water, oil, or fuel cooler
  • Heat exchanger in aerospace industry
Power &Amp; Electronics Industry
Power &Amp; Electronics Industry