More and more automobile manufacturers use aluminium alloy on their products to reduce fuel use and protect environment, because of its light weight, high toughness, great corrosion resistance, better recyclability and other good features.

Automotive Key Feature

  • Light weight
  • Easy shaping
  • Good impact resistance
  • High yield strength
  • Good hot corrosion resistance (brazing aluminium)
  • Great surface quality (no stripe defect)
  • Recyclable

Application Field

  • Decoration structural parts
  • Radiator
  • Body panel skin
  • Other special parts

What we can do?

  • Large-scale product specification
  • The ultrasonic testing of AAA level can be achieved
  • Remove residual stress by the tensile
  • Provide technical support
  • Continuous improvement of products and technology
  • Global sales network
  • No limit for order quantity and deliver

Automotive Product Details

Merger provides aluminium plate/sheet thickness range from 0.15mm to 250mm and can make the widest automobile plate/sheet to satisfy various requirements from different customers.

Typical ProductAlloysProduct Specification (Mm)Tempers
Automotive Body Shell Sheet60160.8~1.51200~2650T4
Automotive Body Shell Sheet61110.8~1.51200~2650T4
Automotive Body Shell Sheet61810.8~1.51200~2650T4
Automotive Body Shell Sheet51820.8~1.51200~2650H34
Automotive Body Shell Sheet57540.8~1.51200~2650H34
  • Body panel: 6011 – T4; 6016 – T4
  • General structure and brake parts: 6082 – T651
  • Panels, absorber and decoration: 5052 – H34
  • Brazing parts: 5083 – H112; 5083 – H116; 5083 – H321
  • Interior panel, support floor, steer wheel: 5182 – H321; 5182 – H34
  • Door, support floor, interior panle: 5754 – H112