Techlam / Ultra Thin Porcelain Tiles


Techlam is only 3mm thick, weighs 21.3 kg/m2 and is available in panels of up to 1 x 3 meters, providing architects and interior designers with an infinite number of possibilities, thanks to its sizes, range of colours, durability, hygiene and ease of installation. TECHLAM® can be used in different applications: flooring, wall covering and cladding, countertops, fittings and ventilated facades.

  • As it is non-absorbent, it does not produce mould, fungus or bacteria. TECHLAM® has a Hygiene Certificate which makes it 100% compatible with food products.
  • Techlam is highly resistant to scratching, its 7 and 8 levels in the MOHS scale mean that it can be only altered by the diamond or the corundum.
  • Techlam is manufactured in one solid mass and is then protected by a layer of vitreous enamel. These processes ensure that TECHLAM® is impervious to both sunlight and sudden changes in temperature.
  • Techlam has a non-porous surface which prevents dirt, oils or liquids from penetrating. It is also resistant to stains and dirt in general. Soap and water is perfectly adequate for daily cleaning.
  • TECHLAM is fire-resistant and complies with the safety requirements for its use in public and private areas.
  • TECHLAM is a 100% natural product and is manufactured with the same raw materials as other ceramic materials.
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Designed for use in the areas needing industrial looks and formatting. The Industrial collection is one of seven targeted groups.

  • Steel Chrome
  • Nomad Dark
  • Nomad White
  • Urban
  • Blaze Grey
  • Blaze Snow
  • Blaze Dark
  • Steel White
  • Steel Dark
  • Steel Corten
  • Steel Brass


The stone collection is engineered to mimic natural stone materials like travertine and marble variants.

  • Kalos Bianco
  • Strattos
  • Agatha Bianco
  • Milos Bianco
  • Quartzite Stone
  • Basalto Oscuro
  • Basalto Beige
  • Marvel Gold
  • Slate Ebony
  • Opium Black


This collection is engineered to project sophistication and offers trendy looks.

  • Zahir Perle
  • Terrazzo
  • Silk
  • Colonial


This group of Techlam sintered material is developed to blend very well design elements that benefit from a wood grain texture.

  • Wood Aspen
  • Wood Oak
  • Natura White
  • Natura Grey
  • Wood Ash
  • Natura Brown


If you are looking to produce a contemporary design style, this is the place to begin looking if you are selecting Techlam for your surface.

  • Basic Ice
  • Basic Neu
  • Basic Bone
  • Basic Cappucino
  • Basic Tardor
  • Basic Antracita


This collection is engineered to project look and feel elements associated with smoky, misty colors.

  • Vulcano Concrete
  • Vulcano Ceniza
  • Vulcano Roca


This collection is perfect for use with minimalist design styles.

  • Hydra Beige
  • Hydra Argen
  • Hydra Plomo



Product Description: Techlam Thin Porcelain Tiles
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