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Architecture And Design Summit
Architecture And Design Summit

Value-added Production Cycle in Architecture and Design

Architectural and Design Summit, which will bring Turkey and the world’s leading architects and designers to Istanbul in April, was introduced at a press conference. Speaking on behalf of the Architectural Activity Center, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Unal Özge, underlined that the construction industry in Turkey today has reached the stage, and that there is a need for higher productivity in terms of design in the meantime. At the Architectural and Design Summit, which is expected to host 15,000 international visitors, the “design” phenomenon will be addressed in multidimensional ways, from industrial design to sociology to ecology to architectural fine arts together with all the sector stakeholders.

The countdown has begun for Architecture and Design Summit. The summit will be held on 14th – 15th April 2017 at Haliç Congress Center. The summit will be organized under the theme of “interdisciplinary interaction in architectural design process” and the concept of “material”. At the summit, the “design” phenomenon will be dealt with in a multidimensional manner from the construction sector, to industrial design, from sociology to ecology and from architecture to fine arts.

Architects and designers who make work that creates impact

At the Architecture and Design Summit, there will be names like Maurizio Favetta, known for his exciting interior design, Gomez Paz, who won the Best of the Best award in 2016 at Red Dot Design Award, Fabio Novembre, who has signed important works such as “And and Adaptation” in the field of furniture design and Nicola Golfari, who brings innovative work to every scene from the audio system to the ‘do it yourself’ movement.

There are some of the Turkish participants will take place at the summit like Şule Koç and Şafak Çak, whose designs are heavily demanded from abroad, Hayriye Sözen, known as Protel center building, Erdem Şeker, who was the curator of the Turkish Stone pavilion at Milano Design Week, Deniz Karaşahin, who made his name with innovative designs such as plaster that accelerates the bone treatment processes he produced with 3D printer.

All stakeholders in the sector will come together

Public and private sector representatives and NGOs such as the Industrial Designers Association, will be among speakers. The summit has close to 50 sponsors and supporters. Yıldız Entegre A.Ş. is the main sponsor of the summit and it aims to attract 15,000 international visitors.

The construction sector is okay, now it’s in design

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Unal Özge, who spoke on behalf of the Architectural Activity Center, undertook the point where architecture and design came to Turkey in addition to its purpose and scope. Underlining that the Turkish construction sector has made significant progress since the year 2000, Ünal Özge said, “Today, the share of the construction sector in our national income is 8.2 percent. This ratio is up to 30 percent, along with other sectors that provide inputs to the sector and continue their activities depending on developments in this area. On the international scale, we see that we have spent thousands of projects in 110 countries over the last 45 years. In this sense, our construction industry has reached the level of our present. Now it is time to go beyond this success. The way to go beyond our business is to pass value-added production and to announce our name in the field of design in the world.”

The second most awarded country in design competitions: Turkey

Özge stated that they will frequently include inspirational projects and interdisciplinary discussions. “Today, there are nearly 50.000 architects, 6 thousand 500 interior designers and thousands of designers in Turkey. Each year, they produce thousands of projects at different scales. Turkey is the second country to receive the most awards after the United States in terms of success in design competitions organized around the world. Increasing competitions in the design of upper-segment projects as an important competitive tool, and raising young designers following the global world, motivate us to push the boundaries of creativity and develop new technologies in our country. At the Architecture and Design Summit, together with expert professionals, we will open up the debate about how and in what sense we can improve ourselves in terms of quality”.

  • Event: Architecture and Design Summit
  • Date: 14 – 15 April 2017
  • Location: Halic Congress Center
  • Organizer: Mimari Etkinlik Merkezi (Architectural Activity Center)