Silbonit / Fiber Cement Board

Silbonit Through Coloured Fiber Cement Boards

Silbonit Fibercement



Silbonit boards can be used for several applications, but their core market is represented by ventilated facade and interior cladding.


Its excellent mechanical characteristics make it one of the most suitable cladding materials for reliable, elegant and high quality solutions.


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A water repellent, colourless substance scattered on the boards, reduces absorption, helping the panel to finish its aging for the next 2/3 years. It also helps to reduce water and dirt spots. This treatment exalts the natural features of the surface, keeping the innate authenticity of this product unchanged for a long time.


Silbonit Fibercement Colors


Thirteen different through coloured shades and a smoothed surface give Silbonit Hydro finishing boards an extremely natural appearance, which is their main feature.


– Non uniform colours and some small imperfections of the surface are a feature of the product.


– Colours, even though reproduced with great care, can vary compared to the original ones. For colour choice, one must decide from samples supplied by the company, keeping in mind that some difference in tone is possible between different batches and that every board is unique.


Silbonit Fibercement Dimensions


Silbonit Product Catalogue
Silbonit Product Catalogue


Product Description: Silbonit Fiber Cement Board
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