NEWS – Façade Bulletin Architecture and Design Meetings Starts

Façade Bulletin By Mer-Ger
Façade Bulletin By Mer-Ger

FACADE BULLETIN, which is an online publishing platform centered on the concept of “façade”, shares architectural projects and materials, as well as landscape and art based projects on a monthly period to enhance the “face” of the projects which interacts with the user. Now FACADE BULLETIN ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN MEETINGS starts to emphasise this aim by bringing our audience together with the avant-garde architects, designers, and artists.

ARCHITECTURAL AND DESIGN MEETINGS, which will be held by Façade Bulletin in the 3rd week of every month, will have 50 distinctive participants from Turkey’s leading architectural offices, building and project companies. The talks will take place in the unique atmosphere of SOHO HOUSE Istanbul, as the most popular place of Istanbul for the time being.

Architectural And Design Meetings
Architectural And Design Meetings


ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN MEETINGS will bring together those who will create the façades and landscapes of the future, in an interactive environment under a common theme. Thanks to these meetings which will take place every third week of the month, the ideas, suggestions and products of the professionals that will take place in the history of Turkish architecture will meet.

Soho House
Soho House

Why Soho House (Palazzo Corpi)?

SOHO HOUSE, which was built in 1873 in Tepebaşı by Ignazio Corpi, a powerful Genoese shipbuilder and served as American Consulate for a while, is now one of the most striking architectural structures of the last period with a loyal  restoration project. FACADE BULLETIN aims to provide architectural and design professionals the opportunity to meet in the qualified communication environment of SOHO HOUSE HOTEL, and to provide a productive meeting, there will be a Networking Cocktail which will take place after the panels and presentations.

Soho House
Soho House

Participants and Panelist Profile

Turkey’s leading star architects and female architects as well as the new generation architectural offices and foreign architects and designers will meet with leading building material manufacturers and contractors in the context of panels and presentations under the following themes:

  • Sustainability and Architectural Design
  • Public Space Design
  • Energy Efficient Designs
  • Cinema and Architecture
  • Mobility / Modularity
  • Green Facades / Vertical Gardens
  • City and Temporariness
  • Monumental Architecture
  • Lighting Design for Façade and Landscape
  • Exhibition and Museum Design
  • Technology (BIM, Autodesk, etc.)
  • Facade Art (3D Mapping, installation, etc.)


SOHO HOUSE HOTEL, Beyoğlu Istanbul


Limited to 50 distinguished guests. You can contact the FACADE BULLETIN team to become a sponsor of ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN MEETINGS or to take part in the panels.

For more information:

Çağrı Kurbal

P: +90 212 386 3328

A: 1.Levent Plaza, Büyükdere Cd. No:173/A Kat:7
34394 Levent İstanbul, Türkiye