Plain Coils & Sheet

Plain Coils

Plain Coils Sheet; Aluminium coils, plates and strip swith 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX alloy

  • Plain & stucco embossed & tread plate surface
  • Lacquered foil

Plain Coils – Sheet Main Applications

  • Sheet forair craft (skin)
  • Brazing aluminium ( Radiator)
  • Interior and exterior panel of automobile
  • Sheet and strip with high quality surface quality (beamy aluminium)
  • Wide strip and narrow strip
  • Narrow and thin strip
  • Custom ization for standard 3XXX/5XXX spray coating strip
  • 3xxx/5xxx sheet, composite sheet and strip for construction
  • 5xxx ship buildingsheet
  • Hot Rolled Coil & Sheet
  • Galvanized Cold Rolled Coil & Slit coil & Sheet
  • Galvanized Hot Rolled Coil
  • Pickled Hot Rolled Coil & Sheet